Saturday, August 13, 2011

Laura's Wedding at Running Deer on July 17, 2011

I had a blast doing Laura's Sunday morning wedding at Running Deer Golf Club. Laura's cake was decorated with loads of ranunculus, green hypericum berries, green trick, and prince's feather.

It's a good thing I have 5 years under my belt as a cake decorator. One of the things you will learn very well is how to save cakes that are almost destroyed and make them so pretty, no one knows how they looked before. This cake had an accident. We don't know who the baker was, or why they left the cake in an unmarked box, and on the floor. Who does that? So the girls at Running Deer asked if I could fix it, and I knew I could no problem. So I put the tiers back together, and covered all the seams and then added flowers where the icing had been destroyed. I was sooo happy with the final product, and so were Heather and Tara at Running Deer, and so was the bride and her parents! It was a good day :)

Her centerpieces were super cute! We added curly willow tips into clear rectangle vases, then loaded it with seasonal flowers. This is another one of my "bright wildflower weddings". I love them! I used hydrangeas, lisianthus, garden roses, ageratum, freesia, zinnias, ranunculus, and loads of other flowers. The day turned out gorgeous! The professional photos will be posted on my blog soon!

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