Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spring Fling PART THREE with Laura Leigh Photo!

So this is the final unveiling of awesome photos from our spring photo shoot with Laura Leigh Photo. It was so hard to choose photos because Laura took so many great ones! We wanted to create some ceremony backdrops that might be fun for an outdoor wedding. All of the backdrops are in my in-law's amazing yard!
We built this cool canopy from branches that were lying around in the area and then draped fresh lilacs to add some color. I love chandeliers, so we added one of my white one. I have 3 of these that are available to rent!
I love adding different elements like the vintage chair and the dried cotton blooms.
So very vintage, down to the heirloom Bible.
I love the hanging bottles filled with delicate sweet peas, and aqua mercury glass.
It's amazing what kind of personal touches you can add to a ceremony space to really make it your own! Make it fun!
This photo makes me happy :)
We rent these amazing vintage doors for ceremonies! We have one wedding at a winery this fall and another on the beach later this year! These doors will look so cool! Notice the vintage light hanging? I retrieved this from my best friend who took it from a home they just purchased.
We can dress them up fancy...
Or just let them have the spotlight!
Didn't I tell you the property was amazing? Yes, there is a creek leading to a lake, and this super cool suspended dock in the middle of the creek. We took full advantage of dressing that up too!
Love it!
So happy this shoot turned out so cool! A HUGE thank you to my family, my two sister-in-laws for being models for the day, and the amazing Laura Perry from Laura Leigh Photo, for taking the time out of her busy schedule to come see us in Pittsgrove and take some beautiful photos!!! Now, who should we submit them to???