Thursday, December 23, 2010

Caroline and Marc's Wedding on October 23, 2010

Caroline's bouquet was so much fun to make! We used orange, yellow, and fuschia dahlias, Mango callas, plum and lavender cosmos, gold ranunculus, roses, silver brunia, and white cyclamen. To add some bling, we added our signature diamond hair pins tucked into the roses and dahlias.

AWESOME photography by Ray from Crushed Box Photography in Clementon, NJ. He was super nice to work with and very talented! Check him out if you want a photographer who can capture the details. He is super creative!

The bridesmaids carried bouquets of large and small dahlias, Yves Piaget garden roses and orange roses.

I LOVE these colors!

This photo is my favorite!!!

The beautiful bride with her sister Laura, whose wedding flowers I did a few years back.

LOVE the brooch! I have a collection of brooches my brides can choose from, or you can bring us an heirloom one to attach as your something old!

The flowers looked awesome against the pewter dresses!

The reception was at Running Deer Golf Club in Pittsgrove, NJ. These cylinders are their featured centerpiece. We have utilized them a million ways, but this time, just some fresh petals added a soft pop of color to the table. The other half of her tables were tall. Photos below!

I love this look and we do this style for a lot of brides because it offers a high perceived value because it looks huge and expensive, but its extremely economical. We used Yves Piaget garden roses, dahlias, and orchids to create these centerpieces. The colors are super fun! We attached orchids to the curly willow to make the branches feel even taller!

Great view of the Ballroom. We do many weddings there and it feels like we are there every weekend, sometimes more then once a weekend! Thanks so much to Ray for these awesome photos! Congratulations Caroline and Marc! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and create such fun flowers for you and your family again!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oldie but Goody, Kristin and Michael last March

Kristin is so funny and will say "It's about time!" when she sees this blog! I love becoming friends with my brides after their weddings. Its super cool to see how everyone is years after wards. Kristin and Michael got married March 2009 and they had awesome fun colors and a cool laid back setting. Hydrangeas were the focal flower of her whole day and we used them everywhere. Her guest tables were cubes with only hydrangeas, the pews at the church were decorated with hydrangeas, and all the bouquets had them too! The bouquets had ranunculus, berzillia berries, grape hyacinths, tulips,  roses and sweet peas (of course!). Her color theme was light blue and chocolate so these flowers looked awesome with the chocolate dresses!

Cymbidium orchids make fabulous hair flowers! Love these white ones with pale pink center! Kristin, it was a pleasure doing your wedding and I am so happy that we have been able to stay in touch through the years. I wish you two many, many years of happiness!

Kristen and Ryan on Sepember 11, 2010 at Scotland Run Golf Club

Surprisingly, 9/11/10 was a big wedding day this year. We had 4 weddings! I don't normally take on that much, but once we booked our 3rd, a friend asked me to do her flowers and I couldn't say no. These are photos from one of our 4 brides, Kristen and Ryan. Kristen was awesome to work with and was very open minded and loved these colors. I wanted to keep things seasonal and fun, but add some romantic, old fashioned favorites, like my beloved sweet peas. All of these great photos by Meyers Photography in Williamstown, NJ!

Kristen looks amazing and I swear she looks just like Ivanka Trump!

The girls all carried orange dahlias, Free Spirit roses, lime buttons, buplerum, and purple sweet peas. We added chocolate fiddles and bear grass loops to make things fun!

The men wore Mango mini callas for the ceremony.

I think this is the coolest alternative to a sand ceremony or unity candle. They completely customized the ceremony and made it their own! Love this!

We created two tall cylinders filled with bright oranges, plum, purple and green to go along with the bridesmaids flowers. Such a beautiful day! Congratulations guys! We wish you the very best for a very happy life together!

Anna and Jeff's Wedding at Seaview Dolce in Galloway on October 3, 2010

I just ordered some photos from Anna and Jeff's wedding on October 3. These awesome photos are by Nadine at Love Me Do Photography.  She took amazing shows and caught so many amazing moments! Above is the card table. We placed green dendrobium orchids in between each row of cards.

Her chairs were decorated with peacock feathers, a long stem of green dendrobium orchids and green satin ribbon.

The ceremony backdrop was a gorgeous huge bay window that we decorated with vases full of orchids, peacock feathers, and green trick dianthus. These were actually moved to the guest tables after the ceremony. Half of the tables were shorter cylinders with submerged orchids and the other half were taller vases.

What a gorgeous wedding and awesome couple. It was awesome working with you guys! Congratulations to you both!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Marcie's Wedding in Atlantic City at The Chelsea on August 14, 2010

I had so much fun working on this wedding! Marcie was a bride getting married in Atlantic City at The Chelsea Hotel. Since she lives in Virginia, we did all the planning by phone, email, or through her planner, Kristin, from Bel Momento. I loved her colors as we used purple, plum, fuschia, and a hint of red. Marcie requested a wrist corsage so I created a super elegant crystal wrist corsage with mini dendrobium orchids, spray roses, delphinium blooms and stock blooms. For some more glitz, I love adding tiny stick on diamonds. I always try to tell people you can make a corsage out of anything. It doesn't have to be the standard rose, have fun with it! All of these fabulous photos are from Lauren Schwartz Photography in Cherry Hill, NJ. She does amazing work!!!!!!!!

These guys were so cute! The colors look amazing!

I LOVED the flower girl's kissing ball with all these gorgeous jewel tones!

We created a natural arbor with curly willow branches and decorated it with lots of orchids, roses, and surprisingly, carnations. People came up to use on the beach and were trying to figure out what the amazing smell was coming was the carnations! We used plum ones, along with lavender and red Black Baccara roses, dendrobium orchids, and lots of satin ribbons draping down to a add a whimsical feel and create more substance.

The cake looked amazing! We decorated it with hydrangeas, dahlias, roses, lots of scabiosa, mini callas, and 2 purple fiddles placed to create a heart. You can see the heart better in the photo below. I love this cake!!!!!!

We did all low centerpieces in these red cubes and filled them with dahlias, roses, hydrangeas, matsomoto asters, cockscomb, hydrangeas, and gerberas. She loved everything and I was so happy to watch the ceremony unfold. It was a GORGEOUS day to be on the beach!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that the happy couple had a fabulous destination wedding and am so honored to be part of such special events like this! I hope you enjoy your first holiday season together as husband and wife and share many, many more together! Congratulations again! A huge thank you to Lauren Schwartz for the awesome photos! Check her out!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rachel and Jason's Wedding on September 4, 2010

This was the altar at Our lady of Mercy Academy Chapel in Newfield. We used only tall white callas and tall white hybrid delphinium in clear cylinders. We added white rocks and a strip of  yellow ribbon at the rim for Rachel's black, white, and yellow wedding.

The reception was held at The Mansion of Voorhees. We did loads of cylinders with submerged white dendrobium and cymbidium orchids. Rachel purchased the floating candles from one of my favorite candle sites and used them as her yellow. Yellow rose petals also added some color to the tables.

This was her cocktail centerpiece, super clean and fun!I had a blast setting up this wedding. We ran into one problem. Rachel ordered all of her tall pilsner vases online to save money, only they were the cheapest made vase I have ever seen. I had a feeling they may not work and I was right. All of her vases were breaking at the base as soon as we added rocks and water. I brought my own vases with us just in case, and we used them all! I wasn't taking any chances. I encouraged her to complain and demand a full refund. So if you guys buy your own glass, make sure it's nice beefy thick glass. You will pay more for shipping because it's heavier, but you will be so glad you did! My pilsner vases are over 4 years old and I have used them over and over again for many weddings.  I hope I never see that happen to anyone, what could have been a disaster was never a possibility because I planned for it. But watch out girls, don't buy thin chintzy glass and beware if the shipping is "cheap". Best way to know? Try finding them in a store first and tap on them with your finger nails, the higher pitch you hear, the thinner the glass. If it sounds deeper, you're good to go!