Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Forecast! PURPLE!!!

History always repeats itself and one of my favorite colors has finally come back! Purple is such a beautiful color and I can't wait to work with gorgeous lavenders and plums and violets! I really look forward to Ashley's wedding next month since we'll be using lots of lavenders with sweet peas, roses, and peonies, which are some of my favorites! Im including some photos in my inspiration collection that are some popular color combos with many romantic varieties. Hope they inspire you like they have inspired me!

What a great year 2009 was!

What a wonderful year 2009 was! It was full of lots of fun weddings, my 5 year wedding anniversary, and the birth of our first child, Ethan Ryan, born in October. I am so excited about what 2010 will bring! Ive had lots of calls with many different themes and I can't wait to start playing in my workshop on all these weddings! In the meantime, I am doing a bunch of bridal shows, the most since about 3 years ago. The most recent was at Buena Vista Country Club in Atlantic County. Some others are...
Jan 24 at The Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill
Feb 28 at The Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City
March 7 at DuPont Country Club in Delaware
March 14 at Flander's Hotel in Ocean City
March 28 at Running Deer in Pittsgrove, NJ
Nov 7 at The Grand Hotel in Cape May, NJ
Check us out at any of these shows! Ill be posting some pictures from the Buena show soon!
So let me say to all my brides from 2009 that I had a wonderful time working with all of you! Thank you for giving me the creative freedom to do what I love! I had a great time! I think 2010 is going to be even more awesome too! I have some fun new venues booked and I really look forward to what 2010 holds! Some highlight photos from 2009 include some of the following...