Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kate and Will's Wedding On September 12

What an awesome ending to a weekend of craziness! We had 4 weddings the day before, so it was great to do a laid back wedding. Kate and Will's wedding in Cape May was so much fun! I worked with Kate's mom, Barbara, whom I met on the beach setting up for another wedding weeks before. I never officially met the bride but what a cool group of people! Justin Wright Photography ( took some amazing photos! We set up on a tiny deserted residential beach near Cape May Lighthouse, which was beautiful! Kate and her girls made all of their bouquets the morning of the wedding, along with all the bouts too! As a pro, I think she did a awesome job!

We made a flower wand of mini sunflowers for the flowergirl.

LOVE the pesos! I miss Mexico!

They released gorgeous Monarch butterflies!

The girls made all their own centerpieces too! An awesome DIY wedding!
 It was a pleasure working with such a happy couple. Kate and Will looked so blissfully happy! It made our job that much easier! It was a pleasure and thank you both! We wish you many years of happiness and laughter!

Pretty, Pretty Orchids!

Laura Leigh Photo and I recently did a tiny photo session for a magazine, which I will post when we publish this spring, and this bouquet was one of my favorites! I used 3 varieties of Phalaenopsis orchids. SOOO CUTE!

Tiffany and Aaron's Wedding in Stone Harbor on September 25

This was an insane weekend, we are averaging 4 weddings per weekend, so having nice photos to post brings a feeling of accomplishment, because I get to see the flowers full circle. I order them and have them shipped to my boutique, or go to the farm and pick them myself, and start with a fresh, raw product. Then it's morphed into an amazing, beautiful piece of art. Tiffany liked warm lavender, so we used Amnesia roses, which have a cool antique tan outer petal and soft lavender inner petal. Then we used all white flowers so the Amnesia roses got all the attention. White hydrangeas, ranunculus, callas, and stephanotis were used. To give Tiffany a hint of sparkle (which you can't see great here) we added lavender crystals into the center of the stephanotis and some ranunculus. Super classy and clean!  It was a pleasure working with you guys, Congrats!