Thursday, June 28, 2012

FINALLY a new blog post!!!!!!!! Check out Corey's wedding at Brigalia's !!!

I am so happy to show you my first blog posting in 8 weeks. You know we're crazy busy when I don't even have time to blog! I absolutely LOVED Corey's flowers. They were gorgeous, fluffy, and romantic. Corey's bouquet was created with  pink hydrangeas, white peonies, white sweet peas, lily of the valley, white garden roses and white ranunculus.

I love these gorgeous photos by Marrero Photography.

The bridesmaids carried pink hydrangeas, lavender sweet peas, chamomile, light blue delphinium, pink spray roses, Cool Water roses, and a pop of sweet william. They turned out gorgeous!!!

Fabulous flowers for fabulous girls!

Congratulations to you both! It was a blast working with you!