Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carlye's Gorgeous PINK wedding at Running Deer Golf Club!

Carlye's wedding was a blast! We love going to Running Deer Golf Club and this bride knew how to make the place look amazing!!! We used vibrant hot pink flowers everywhere! Check out these awesome photos by the super talented Photography!

This is one of my favorite weddings from the spring and I am so excited to show off these pictures!

We used hot pink gerberas, Mimi Eden spray roses, ranunculus, and delphinium. We tucked diamond pins into the flowers and also added a  line of crystal pins to her bouquet handle.

I absolutely love the contrast of these blue dresses with the hot pink!

Totally gorgeous!

The mother of the bride wore a crystal wrist corsage with ivory spray roses and mini orchids for a classy, but neutral floral accent.
Hot pink Explorer gerbera daisies lined the chairs with navy ribbon.

We added 2 huge urns filled with gerberas, snapdragons, anemones, and delphinium to the sides of the purgola's entrance. Then we created a top piece that would be able to come indoors after the ceremony. We finished the look with hanging crystals. LOVE this photo!!!

This gorgeous couple look stunning!

We decorated the cocktail high tops with these little bottles. Super cute.

The cake was gorgeous with these garden roses, gerberas, and sweet peas.
The flowers from the purgola were brought inside after the ceremony and decorated the space behind the sweetheart table.

So vibrant and gorgeous! Perfect for a spring wedding!

The centerpieces were designed in the venue's supplied cylinder vases. We simply dressed them up with floating hot pink rose petals, and a floating candle. The colors were perfect to tie in their pink donation board for breast cancer!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spring Fling PART THREE with Laura Leigh Photo!

So this is the final unveiling of awesome photos from our spring photo shoot with Laura Leigh Photo. It was so hard to choose photos because Laura took so many great ones! We wanted to create some ceremony backdrops that might be fun for an outdoor wedding. All of the backdrops are in my in-law's amazing yard!
We built this cool canopy from branches that were lying around in the area and then draped fresh lilacs to add some color. I love chandeliers, so we added one of my white one. I have 3 of these that are available to rent!
I love adding different elements like the vintage chair and the dried cotton blooms.
So very vintage, down to the heirloom Bible.
I love the hanging bottles filled with delicate sweet peas, and aqua mercury glass.
It's amazing what kind of personal touches you can add to a ceremony space to really make it your own! Make it fun!
This photo makes me happy :)
We rent these amazing vintage doors for ceremonies! We have one wedding at a winery this fall and another on the beach later this year! These doors will look so cool! Notice the vintage light hanging? I retrieved this from my best friend who took it from a home they just purchased.
We can dress them up fancy...
Or just let them have the spotlight!
Didn't I tell you the property was amazing? Yes, there is a creek leading to a lake, and this super cool suspended dock in the middle of the creek. We took full advantage of dressing that up too!
Love it!
So happy this shoot turned out so cool! A HUGE thank you to my family, my two sister-in-laws for being models for the day, and the amazing Laura Perry from Laura Leigh Photo, for taking the time out of her busy schedule to come see us in Pittsgrove and take some beautiful photos!!! Now, who should we submit them to???

Monday, July 2, 2012

Spring Fling Inspirational Photo Shoot PART TWO with Laura Leigh Photo!

The day couldn't have been more gorgeous for a fun photo shoot at the creek! This is a collection of some photos from Laura Leigh Photo for a aqua and white color palate. I LOVE the water in the background! It is truly as heavenly as it looks!
We used burlap tables runner and my tree slice flower stands to add in a brown tone. I then added gorgeous aqua bottles and blue Dutch hydrangeas to add in some soft but bold blues.
ALL of the items here are available for rent! The bottles are awesome for all those pool, aqua, and tiffany blue weddings! I have loads of different mercury vessels that are great for centerpieces, or accenting pieces like a place card table or around the wedding cake. The tree slice stands are hugely popular and we use them for flowers and candles. They make a fabulous rustic accent for any table!
I am so obsessed with these aqua bottles! My bedroom walls are the same color!
I love the mix of vintage glass with the rustic bark, and soft blue fluffy hydrangeas.
The colors are so soft, but also eye-catching! These would look great with a lime, pink, yellow, or even red flowers!
We toyed with having dinner here...I think it's a perfect place for a "renewing of the vows" celebration!
My beautiful sister-in-law was gracious enough to model for our shoot. See the PART THREE blog for introduction of our second model, my second sister-in-law, and also a Melissa!
Totally want to have a party now!!!!!!!!!!! A HUGE thank you to Laura for taking such fabulous photos as always!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spring Fling Inspirational Photo Shoot PART ONE with Laura Leigh Photo!

I had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite photographers this April for a super fun spring photo shoot. I have have been working with Laura from Laura Leigh Photo for a few years and every wedding we do together turns out gorgeous on her blog! She is a truly talented and amazing photographer! We chose the setting at my in-law's residence in Pittsgrove, NJ. I always tell my husband how lucky he was to grow up in such a serene, secluded, and natural atmosphere. They live less than a mile from Parvin State Park and there is a beautiful creek behind their property. We took a few hours on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and set up a bunch of backdrops. Enjoy Part One of Three! I'd love to give credit to our fabulous two sister-in-laws, Melissa and Melissa!
I wanted this bouquet to be romantic and earthy, so I picked some natural elements like cotton blooms. I used Romantik Antike garden roses, white and pink peonies, pink sweet peas, and Ilse spray roses. I added some bling with some of my champagne jewels and gold metallic skeleton leaves. Then my sister-in-law crocheted this ivory sleeve with custom buttons! We now offer these as an option in any color and button style for bridal and bridesmaids bouquets.
I love the fresh pinks against this mocha lacy dress and cowgirl boots!
Our tablescape featured burlap, bark, and cotton elements. It turned out so pretty. Tell me this isn't a dream location for a wedding ceremony!
I filled mercury vases with more Romantik Antike garden roses, and featured my new purple bottles filled with hydrangeas and cotton blooms.
It is simply a gorgeous location!
I love the look of a floating rose in this vintage faux fountain! I have some of these in my boutique for sale!!
This is such a fun photo with the reflection of the bouquet! I adored these flowers and the pictures turned out completely amazing! I am so excited to feature PART TWO and PART THREE! I think everyone will like what they see! A HUGE thank you to Laura and Shawn for spending the day with us and letting us meet precious Leah! She is absolutely adorable and we wish you guys so many happy times together!