Sunday, March 21, 2010

Heather's Wedding in Pittsgrove and Scotland Run Golf Club on March 20, 2010

Heather's card table flowers were in a tall glass vase filled with "ice" and blue lights to give the look of cold icy water for her winter wedding theme. The 70 degree day didn't quite go with the theme, but I don't think anyone seemed to care. A touch of spring makes everyone happy!

All the centerpieces also had the blue lights so there was a hue of the blue glow, once the lights were dimmed and the sun went down. The main flowers used were blue hydrangeas, blue delphinium, white stock, and white roses.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this natural arbor. I originally did this look in 2005 for my sister-in-law's wedding, and so many people have requested it since. I love it because it makes such a great entrance piece for the biggest moment of the ceremony, the bride's walk down the aisle! My head designer Danielle made these pieces and she added some orchids and also some FABULOUS pussy willow branches from a friend of my mom-in-laws, who lost her bush in the bad weather. Thanks Pam!

Heather's bouquet was a cascade of solid white mini callas, probably about 80 something of them, and a hint of light blue delphinium to break up the white. The professionals are coming! Compliments of good friend and great photographer Gale Caulford (856.765.9505). She did my wedding in 2004 and I love her work!

Bridal Show Samples

I wanted to put up some pictures of some popular pieces that I did for some recent bridal shows.
I like posting these photos so that my brides get some good ideas from previous things they saw at the shows or just want to see something new. One thing I totally always try to do is to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Why do the same old thing when there is a way to put a twist on it?
This bouquet is my favorite because I love all things natural and organic. Instead of going for the bling, why not use natural elements and textures to embellish your bouquet. So above I used alot of different flowers for spring. I wanted to bring in the purple because its popular so I used my favorite purple fiddles, lavender roses, lavender hyacinths, and purple moon carnations (yes, I don't carry carnations for daily use, let alone weddings, but for the color its perfect). Since brown and purple are going in the same color direction, I added curly willow, since the oak tone compliments the fiddles. To bring out the blue tones, I used hydrangeas and anemones. To compliment them with an organic touch, I used peacock feathers because 1) they bring out the blue and add a cool teal shade, and 2) they match the oak shade of the curly willow. For a touch of peach I added hypericum berries and daffodils with a peach throat. The fresh greens makes all these colors pop. This is how my brain functions on a normal basis...its the artist in me I guess.

This bouquet has bling, but also a natural element and soft texture with white albino ostrich feathers added around the rim. Romantic red garden roses are more interesting than the typical standard red rose, but the shade is classic and timeless. These popular crystal hairpins (make a GREAT bridesmaid gift) add bling and a fun sense of style. LOVE IT!

This photo has a lot of SILVER, as in mosaic vases and clean silver fluted vases (available for rent). For the display, I did a red/silver/white theme. The white is incorporated with phaelonopsis orchids in the centerpiece, and white ostrich feathers in the bridal bouquet. There are 3 smaller centerpieces that can be used separately, or grouped together. I used the red garden roses again, and incorporated some fresh ivy and ornamental raspberries for interest. There are white cherry blossoms coming out of the tall vase, but they haven't opened in time for this show.

This photo is from the Chelsea show in AC a few weeks back. This look is HUGE right now. I do a lot of submerged flowers with the floating candle. This time I let the orchids poke out of the top of the vases and I almost like this look better. Again, these can be used separately or grouped together.