Saturday, June 4, 2011

Prom Highlights 2011!

This was the biggest prom season so far! Thank you to all of our amazing and loyal customers who continue to call us year after year! I am also happy to say that I personally made every single prom order for our local major prom at Schalick High School! I'd like to show a sampling of some of the flowers we made! The bouquet above consists of only white anemones (fresh from my secret farm!)

Handtied bouquets were super popular, and this was a classic "pink" bouquet. If you don't "care" what we use and are leaving it up to us, like many of you do, this is what it will typically look like. This bouquet has bouvardia, gerberas, spray roses, and garden roses.

We had a huge amount of blue and white this year! This handtied had awesome hydrangea from my fabulous European source in Holland, oriental lilies, roses, delphinium, and scabiosa.

This cute little crystal wristlet was also popular once again. I have loads of colors, and this one is done on pink crystals. I used mini roses, sweet william, dendrobium orchids, and scabiosa. I'm not a fan of a lot of ribbon. I was taught to have that big gaudy bow in the middle, but you won't find those at Savannah's Garden. We are constantly doing our "homework" and studying new ways to make something ordinary become extra fun and unique!

Who doesn't love purple??? We made a few exactly like this. This bouquet has blue vanda orchids, purple stock, purple lisianthus, and purple moon carnations. I never use carns, but the moon carns are to die for!

This teardrop handtied was so fun to make. She just wanted callas in burgundy and gold flowers. So I had a little bit of fun using the deep Swartzenfelder callas, yellow cymbidium orchids, and bright gold roses. Then I added metallic gold pins into some of the callas and all over the ribbon.

Totally one of my favorites! Anything with blinding color makes me happy! I used freesias, Baroness garden roses (right smack in front), gerberas, cymbidium orchids, sweet william, along with some other cool stuff!

I got to play with these awesome, super inexpensive mini phaelonopsis orchids once again. For the week of prom, these orchids were everywhere when you first walked in!

A super cute crystal wristlet!

I used the dress fabric from this girl's dress to wrap her bouquet and matching bout. She was so happy I was able to use it! PS this is a great idea for bridesmaids. I always tell my brides to  have the girls save their fabric, even if I only use it for the guys!

I got to use some blue dendrobium orchids, raspberry parfait hydrangeas, and some other favorites for this over the arm bouquet!

This crystal wrist has mini phaelonopsis orchids, roses, and sweet william.

A fun purple bout with lisianthus and stock!

The show dendrobium orchids!

And the bouquet to go with it. There are no words...

Fabulous! And my customer was ecstatic! She wanted something unique that no one else would have. I think I nailed it!
Love the classy champagne roses with black feathers!

Another fun "pink" handtied :)

This bouquet was for my travel agent's son's date! Haha I had a little too much fun! Let's see, there are freesia, garden roses, lisianthus, spray roses, peonies, hydrangeas, green trick, orchids, moon carns, and stock. Plus I played with my new diamond wrap. So happy she liked it!

This was an ivory and mocha request. Figures the one week my bronze cymbidiums were out of stock  until the following Monday, but she loved this!

Another fun combo of crazy color! I had a blast making all of these! Thanks guys! Bring on the crazy requests for next year, I'll be ready once again!

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Anonymous said...

You did nail it!!! I loved loved loved the blue dendrobium orchids!!! The bouquet was absolutely gorgeous and Frankie (the date) loved it! I kept Jackson's flower in the fridge for two weeks and took it out everyday to look at it! I finally had to give it up!!! You are the best and I love looking at your pictures! Thanks for all the beauty and I wish I needed flowers all year round :(