Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Wildflowers: Vicki and Brian's Wedding at Masso's

 I had so much fun doing these bouquets because I am obsessed with natural, loose, organic bouquets. I also love ton of textures and colors, so when Vicki allowed me to have creative freedom, I was really excited! I used a TON of flowers, many grown locally to give her bold colors, but also to keep things as natural as I could. Brian's family owns a local greenhouse and nursery, so I wanted to wow everyone.

 All of these gorgeous photos are by the super talented Melissa Fogg Photography!

 All of the bouquets turned out amazing and they looked perfect against the coral bridesmaids dresses.

 The ceremony and reception took place at Masso's in Glassboro, NJ.

 Brian's boutounier looks perfect with sweet william, crespedia, and hypericum berries.

 The centerpieces really turned out gorgeous! We had high and low designs and added a ton of bold colors to the bright white tent and linens. It looked so pretty!

I absolutely loved this wedding and all the bright colors. I was so happy that so many people loved all of the flowers. Congratulations Brian and Vicki! It was awesome working with you!!

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