Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yay! Gelmarik and Mike's Wedding by Kiwi Photography!

I was so giddy when I saw these photos a few days ago. One, because I love these colors, and two, look at these photos! They are absolutely stunning! These gorgeous photos by the amazing Kara from Kiwi Photography!

Gelmarik looks absolutely amazing! And soooo happy!


That adorable kissing ball :)

These bouquets turned out so great! And look awesome with the dresses!

This has to be my favorite photo of all!

There are no words...breathtaking!!!!!!!!! I LOVE roses massed on a tall cake like this. It's so gorgeous!

LOVED these flowers at The Stateroom! It was such a great venue and everyone was so nice there!

Such a beautiful wedding and couple! Congratulations again to you guys!!!!!!

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Kara said...

Love it! Those flowers were AMAZING and I'll definitely be recommending you to any beach brides who ask!