Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lauren's Pretty Purple Wedding at Venice Plaza!

These flowers remind me of my wedding! I love purple! Lauren's May wedding was so much fun to create! We used European hydrangeas, my beloved sweet peas, Purple Haze roses, hypericum berries, purple stock, and garden roses! Check out these gorgeous photos by Capone Photography!

I love adding heirloom items to the bridal bouquet! We added lace from Lauren's mom's dress and a gold ring from her grandmother. It's so nice adding these special pieces, and makes it so much more memorable too!

The Purple Haze roses are so pretty! Notice their tiny hint of pink on the edges?

LOVE this shot!

The flowers for the girls turned out awesome! We used lavender and aubergine sweet peas, Purple Haze roses, green hypericum berries, stock, and the prettiest hydrangeas ever! They come from my wholesaler in Holland and have an awesome mix of purple and green streaks. I love them! Wish I knew about them in 2004 when I got married!

They look so pretty with the bridesmaids' purple dresses.

The tables turned out fabulous! We used glass compotes and filled them with loops of bear grass. Then we massed loads of hydrangeas, sweet peas, stock, and roses. LOVED them!

Another great photo of the tables. They looked amazing! Congratulations guys! It was a blast working with you!

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