Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rachel and Jason's Wedding on September 4, 2010

This was the altar at Our lady of Mercy Academy Chapel in Newfield. We used only tall white callas and tall white hybrid delphinium in clear cylinders. We added white rocks and a strip of  yellow ribbon at the rim for Rachel's black, white, and yellow wedding.

The reception was held at The Mansion of Voorhees. We did loads of cylinders with submerged white dendrobium and cymbidium orchids. Rachel purchased the floating candles from one of my favorite candle sites and used them as her yellow. Yellow rose petals also added some color to the tables.

This was her cocktail centerpiece, super clean and fun!I had a blast setting up this wedding. We ran into one problem. Rachel ordered all of her tall pilsner vases online to save money, only they were the cheapest made vase I have ever seen. I had a feeling they may not work and I was right. All of her vases were breaking at the base as soon as we added rocks and water. I brought my own vases with us just in case, and we used them all! I wasn't taking any chances. I encouraged her to complain and demand a full refund. So if you guys buy your own glass, make sure it's nice beefy thick glass. You will pay more for shipping because it's heavier, but you will be so glad you did! My pilsner vases are over 4 years old and I have used them over and over again for many weddings.  I hope I never see that happen to anyone, what could have been a disaster was never a possibility because I planned for it. But watch out girls, don't buy thin chintzy glass and beware if the shipping is "cheap". Best way to know? Try finding them in a store first and tap on them with your finger nails, the higher pitch you hear, the thinner the glass. If it sounds deeper, you're good to go!

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