Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sneak Peak At Kristie's Wedding This August

I am so excited about these colors! Kristie's wedding is this August and she came in this week to see samples. I'm posting this for her and her mom to look back for later on, but also because I am doing a lot of weddings in this color scheme this year and next. The dark violet sweet peas, lisianthus, and hydrangeas are combined with lime, fresh green, and white flowers. The cube above has violet water with all the shades of purple and green.

Kristie's bouquet will be like the one above with more lime added. The bridesmaids are wearing an "obnoxiously bright purple" so we did a lot of lime and white with only the dress fabric over the stems. These will pop against the dresses perfectly!

This centerpiece sample is designed in a silver bowl with a hint of pale yellow to contrast against the shades of purple and compliment the lime.

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