Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 Sisters 1 Great Photographer!

Today I talked to Melissa, she owns Issy Schmid Imaging and she did an amazing job on Dani and Jimmy's wedding last weekend! Then I realized Melissa did Dani's sister Alison's wedding last year, and so did I! So I am so excited that I will be getting some new shots for my site! I'd like to add some now so you can see how great the pictures are!

Above is Alison and her bridesmaids from her wedding last year. These colors look awesome!

This is Danielle's cake from The Sweet Life Bakery! It looked totally gorgeous!

Danielle and Jimmy after the ceremony! Congratulations guys! I had such a blast working with you guys, so happy everyone liked everything! Another thanks to Melissa for doing such a fabulous job on the photos! Keep an eye out for new pictures on the site soon :)

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melissa schmid said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for the nice comments about my photography! Your flowers for both of these weddings were gorgeous! I will be sending you some more photos soon!