Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lavender and Chocolate Make a Hot New Color Combo!

One of the new color combos that I have gotten requests for is lavender and chocolate. You wouldn't think it, but these are gorgeous together. These are two pieces I designed for a recent bridal show and they were the buzz! The top bouquet is designed with Ocean Song roses, chocolate cosmos (which are hugely popular this time of year) and purple uhule (you-hool-ee) fiddles, which appear brown so they compliment the cosmos perfectly!
The second shot is a centerpiece designed with jewel tones. I love the lavender and plums together with the cosmos! To make it pop a little more I added some lime fuji mums and some hot pink dahlias. Both those and the huge dinner plate dahlias are from my garden! Wish i bought more of them!!!

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